Police Reforms – A Necessity

  Police Reforms in India:   In India, each state and union territory of India has its own separate police force. Article 246 of the Constitution of India designates the police as a state subject, which means that state governments frame the Police Acts, rules, and regulations that govern each police force. There is also

Is Social Media a Challenge to National Security

  USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA The use of social media has become a ubiquitous component of the ever more interconnected world in which we now live. However, this highly dynamic and end-user focused environment also brings with it a number of security concerns. The data held within social media can provide an attacker with a

Maritime security across Indian Ocean region(IOR)

Maritime Security in Indian Ocean: Indian Ocean, the third largest oceanic body in the world accounting for 20% of the total area of the world under water, holds a position of paramount importance for India. Since India occupies a central position in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), the significance of the Indian Ocean to the

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