Cabinet decision binding on Governor

Rajasthan Governor has cited six reasons for his procrastination in calling an Assembly session. The CM has said the Governor is acting under pressure from the Centre. The Governor wants to ensure that all MLAs are free to move around before a session could take place. However, the Governor can require the CM and the

Rajasthan assembly’s MLAs defection issue- role of judiciary

The political tussle in Rajasthan entered the High Court and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court itself proposed to rule on the larger question of the jurisdiction of courts to entertain such pleas. Supreme court;’s historical position on Anti defection law: The President of India made a presidential reference to the Supreme Court on the

Internet as a level playing field: How to curtail anti competitive behaviours on internet platforms?

The term “online platform” has been used to describe a range of services available on the Internet including marketplaces, search engines, social media, creative content outlets, app stores, communications services, payment systems, services comprising the so-called “collaborative” or “gig” economy, and much more. Example: Amazon, flipkart etc. How did the Platforms on the internet begin?

Khazan Farming System

The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in low-lying floodplains of Goa is characterized by an estuarine agricultural system called Khazan farming. What is it about? The low-lying floodplains of Goa host an estuarine agricultural system called Khazan farming. This system is a carefully designed topo-hydro-engineered agro-aquacultural ecosystem mainly based on the regulation salinity and tides. Methodology

Currency Swap Agreements: India – Sri Lanka

A currency swap is a transaction in which two parties exchange an equivalent amount of money with each other but in different currencies.  The parties are essentially loaning each other money and will repay the amounts at a specified date and exchange rate.  After this pact, countries don’t require dollars to trade between themselves. It

India – South korea relations

The current geopolitical scenario calls for deepening relations between India and South Korea. South Korea is way ahead in terms of technological advancement as it managed to attain a tiger economy status in the 1970s, this transfer of technology can be highly beneficial to India. The U.S has put forth a proposal to include both

Pandemic and the City

The recent pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of cities, especially the smaller towns. Congestion and health issues in cities The congestion in large cities has turned out to be their worst enemy during this pandemic. Congestion is most evident in slums in large cities and poses grave health and environmental challenges. Yet, the Centre’s allocation

Permanent commission in Indian Army – Entry for women

Context: The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has issued the formal Government Sanction Letter for grant of Permanent Commission (PC) to women officers in the Army. Difference between Permanent Commission (PC) Vs. Short Service Commission (SSC) SSC means an officer’s career will be of a limited period in the Indian Armed Forces whereas a PC means

India’s PHWR technology and kakrapar-3 plant
India’s PHWR technology and kakrapar-3 plant | Controlling Criticality

India’s PHWR technology and kakrapar-3 plant: PHWR technology started in India in the late 1960s with the construction of the first 220 MWe reactor, Rajasthan Atomic Power Station, RAPS-1 under the joint Indo-Canadian nuclear co-operation. Canada supplied all the main equipment for this first unit, while India retained responsibility for construction, installation, and commissioning. For

Cold war between China and the US
Cold war between China and the US | Dimensions of the US-china cold war

Cold war between China and the US: Tensions between China and the United States have reached the most acute levels since the countries normalised diplomatic relations more than four decades ago, with the US government’s ordering that China closes its Houston consulate being just the latest example. The administration is even weighing a blanket ban

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