Scheme for Industrial Development of Jammu and Kashmir

Recently, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the proposal of Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) for Central Sector Scheme for Industrial Development of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). DPIIT comes under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Key Points Aim: To take industrial development to the block level in Union Territory (UT) of J and K, which is the first time

Magneto-Telluric Survey

In the backdrop of multiple quakes of low intensity in the Delhi-NCR region, the National Centre for Seismology (NCS) is conducting a unique geophysical Magnetotelluric-MT survey to accurately assess potential seismic hazards. MT is a geophysical method which uses natural time variation of the earth’s magnetic and electric fields to understand the geological (underground) structure

World Food Price Index

World food prices rose for a seventh consecutive month in December 2020, with all the major categories, barring sugar, said the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-FAO). The FAO Food Price Index is a measure of the monthly change in international prices of a basket of food commodities. It consists of the average of

Antarctic Ozone Hole

The Antarctic ozone hole — one of the deepest, largest gap in the ozone layer in the last 40 years — has closed, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The Antarctic “ozone hole” was discovered by British Antarctic Survey scientists Farman, Gardiner and Shanklin in 1985. It came as a shock to the scientific

Digital Services Taxes

Digital services taxes adopted by India, Italy and Turkey discriminate against U.S. companies and are inconsistent with international tax principles, the U.S. Trade Representative’s office has said. India has earlier expanded the scope of the Equalization Levy, or digital tax, to the sale of goods and services in the country by overseas e-commerce firms. The

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