National Mission on Quantum Technology and Applications

The detailed project report for a National Mission on Quantum Technology and Applications (NM-QTA) has been drawn out and finalised. In last year’s budget session, it was proposed that ₹8,000 crores be set aside to develop quantum science and technology. The detailed project report is now ready and in the next couple of months, this

PIDF Scheme

The RBI has announced operational guidelines to create digital payments acceptance infrastructure across Tier III to Tier VI regions in India. The scheme was first announced in June last year to encourage fintech companies and banks to deploy point of sale (PoS) infrastructure across the country to improve the penetration of card-based and other digital

K-shaped Economic Recovery

The prospects of a K-shaped economic recovery from COVID are increasing both in India and across the world. A K-shaped recovery occurs when, following a recession, different parts of the economy recover at different rates, times, or magnitudes. This is in contrast to an even, uniform recovery across sectors, industries, or groups of people. A

Recoiling Black Holes

A supermassive black hole, which is estimated to weigh up to 100 billion times the mass of the Sun, is seemingly missing, leaving astronomers perplexed. The black hole is supposed to be located in Abell 2261, an enormous galaxy cluster that is about 2.7 billion light-years away from our planet. So, when we look at

Mukundpura CM2

An asteroid which made its landfall in Mukundpura village near Jaipur has been named after the same village and is under the study of Geological Survey of India, Kolkata. The meteorite named Mukundpura CM2 was classified to be a carbonaceous chondrite. This is a type of stony meteorite, considered the most primitive meteorite and a

Lithium Reserves in Karnataka

Alongside a move to tap into the global lithium value chain, India has initiated a concerted domestic exploration in Karnataka’s Mandya district. Preliminary surveys by the Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMD), an arm of the Department of Atomic Energy has carried out the exploration. AMD is carrying out surface and sub-surface exploration

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