UV-Bright Stars

Recently, astronomers have spotted rare hot Ultra Violet (UV)-bright stars in the massive intriguing globular cluster in the Milky Way Galaxy called NGC 2808. India’s first multi-wavelength space satellite AstroSat helped astronomers in this. Key Points Data: Scientists combined data of Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (on board AstroSat) with observations made using other space missions such as the Hubble Space Telescope and the Gaia telescope along with ground-based optical observations. Hubble

Egypt Resumes Severed Relations with Qatar

Recently, Egypt resumed the severed diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar. Egypt was part of an Arab quartet (other members were Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain) which had accused Qatar of supporting terrorism and being too close to Iran due to which they had imposed a land, air and naval blockade on Qatar in 2017. Key Points

Exercise Kavach

A large scale all-services exercise ‘Exercise Kavach’ will be conducted next week under the aegis of the Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC), the only Joint Forces Command of the country. The tri-services exercise aims to fine-tune joint war-fighting capabilities and SOPs towards enhancing operational synergy in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal. This exercise

Nitrogen-Use Efficiency

A group of Indian scientists have found a way to improve crops by reducing wastage of nitrogen fertilizers applied to them. NUE is calculated as a ratio between nitrogen used and harvest: A higher number denotes low wastage. With the efficiency on the decline, farmers use more fertiliser in the hope of raising yield. This

China builds a new village in Arunachal Pradesh

Satellite images show that China has constructed a new village in Arunachal Pradesh, around 4.5 kilometres inside of the de facto border on the Indian side. The village, located on the banks of the River Tsari Chu, lies in the Upper Subansiri district. It is an area which has been long disputed by India and

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