Bharat Parv 2021

The annual event Bharat Parv was celebrated from 26th to 31st January 2021 on a virtual platform created by the Ministry of Tourism. On the occasion, the Ministry dedicated three virtual pavilions – Dekho Apna Desh, Statue of Unity & Incredible India. Bharat Parv 2021: Key Points About the Bharat Parv: It envisages generating patriotic fervor and showcases the rich

Increased Fiscal Deficit | How It Effects on Economy?

The government’s fiscal deficit has increased to Rs. 11.58 lakh crore or 145.5% of the Budget Estimate (BE) at the end of December 2020 (accounting for the first nine months of the year 2020-21) mainly on account of lower revenue realization. Increased Fiscal Deficit: Key Points Fiscal Deficit Target Fixed for 2020-21: The Centre had

Stardust 1.O | Newly Launch Vechile

Stardust 1.O was recently launched from Maine, the US has become the first commercial space launch powered by biofuel. Stardust 1.O is a launch vehicle suited for student and budget payloads. The rocket is manufactured by bluShift, an aerospace company based in Maine that is developing rockets that are powered by bio-derived fuels. The rocket

BNO (British National Overseas) Visas

Hong Kong residents can apply for a new visa offering them an opportunity to become British citizens after Beijing’s imposition of a national security law last year. The move comes as China and Hong Kong have said they will no longer recognize the British National Overseas (BNO) passport as a valid travel document from Sunday,

Myanmar’s Military Coup | Aung San Suu Kyi?

Myanmar’s military staged a coup detaining de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi and declaring it had taken control of the country for one year under a state of emergency. The intervention came with rising tensions between the military, which ruled the country for nearly five decades, and the civilian government over allegations of fraud

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