Envt and Ecology Downloads

Text Book for Environmental Studies Environmental Education(ICSE) Environment by Shankar IAS Environmental Science Earth as a Living Planet by Botkin Environment and Ecology, New Age Publications

Ethics Downloads

Ethics Lexicon Ethics for Dummies Understanding Ethics Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence at Work by Dalip Singh Drawing Morals, Essays in Ethical Theory by Thomas Hurka Thinkers and Theories in Ethics by Brian Duignan Critical Reasoning in Ethics by Anne Thomson Ethics and Integrity in Public Administration by Raymond Cox Ethics in Public

Essay Downloads

How to Write Essays How to Write Great Essays Essay Writing For English Tests Quotes for Essays  

Economy Downloads

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh Indian Economy, Jagran Josh Material Summary of 14th Finance Commission  Basic Banking and Financial Issues Current Issues in Indian Economy Economic and Political Weekly(2016 and 2017) Issues Economy Material(National Institute of Open Schooling)

Art and Culture Downloads

Indian Art and Culture Indian Art and Culture (National Institute of Open Schooling) The Story of Civilisation – I The Story of Civilisation – I India A Scared Geography by Diana L Eck India Art and Culture 1300-1900 Introduction to Indian Art

Plate Tectonic Theory

What is a Plate?   Plate Tectonic Theory   Forces that lead to Movement of Plates

Equity Vs Debt

What is Capital Market?    


What is Inflation? Different Types of Inflation: Demand Pull Inflation Cost Push Inflation Measures of Inflation

GST Explained

What is GST? Why do we need GST? Cascading effect of taxes:    

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