India – South korea relations

The current geopolitical scenario calls for deepening relations between India and South Korea.

  • South Korea is way ahead in terms of technological advancement as it managed to attain a tiger economy status in the 1970s, this transfer of technology can be highly beneficial to India.
  • The U.S has put forth a proposal to include both India and South Korea in the G7 grouping so as to make the group more representative.
  • The rising chinese assertiveness is a cause of concern for both South Korea and India in the Indo Pacific region.
  • The trade between two countries is around $22 billion dollars which can easily be increased to $50 considering the rising demand of Boycott chinese goods in India.
  • India can also help S. Korea in Peace Negotiations with N. Korea as India has an image of a peaceful and neutral country in the world forum.
  • India is a very young country which can support the ageing population of South Korea.
  • Their defence partnership appears to have receded from great all-round promise to the mere sale and purchase of weapon systems.
  • Both India and S. Korea can learn a lot from each other’s culture as currently this is a domain where cooperation is not very strong.
    • S. Korea still believes India to be a poor 3rd world country
    • Indians on the other hand know more about Chinese and Japanese Cultures but little about the S. Korean cultures.
    • This hinder the creation of empathy and trust among the citizens of two countries and sometimes the people even have to face racial discrimination


  • India and South Korea have successfully concluded a military logistics agreement in 2019 and Culture Centres are already established in each other’s country improving people to people ties.
  • As the balance of power in the region continues to shift fast, India and South Korea may need each other like never before, to protect their ways of life. 
  • A regional hegemon is already pushing hard into the ambit of the Indian Ocean. The sooner these bonds are renewed the better it would be for all Asian democracies.