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Real Mango: An Illegal Software

In a nationwide investigation, Railway Protection Force (RPF) has disrupted the operation of illegal software called “Real Mango” – used for cornering confirmed Railway reservation.

Real Mango

Key Points

  • About: Real Mango software is an illegal software developed for booking Tatkal tickets.
  • Working:

    • Real mango software bypasses captcha.
    • It synchronises bank OTP with help of a mobile app and feeds it to the requisite form automatically.
    • The software auto-fills the passenger details and payment details in the forms.
    • The software logs in to the IRCTC website through multiple IRCTC Ids.
    • Following these steps multiple tickets can be booked. And it leads to swift online tickets booking by agents whereas common people may not get the tickets booked on their own. This creates the possibility of ticket hoarding and black marketing of tickets.
  • Significance: The information supplied by RPF will help the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) to strengthen security features in the Passenger Reservation System (PRS).