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Swami Sree Narayana Guru

Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah has paid tributes to venerable Swami Sree Narayana Guru ji on his Jayanti.

Who was ‘Sree Narayana Guru’?

  • Sree Narayana Guru was a great saint, scholar, philosopher, poet and the forerunner of social renaissance in Kerala. He was born in 1856 in a peasant family of then untouchable Ezhava caste, in Thiruvananthapuram.
  • He led a reform movement in Kerala, against the injustice in the caste-ridden society in order to promote social equality.
  • He gave the universal message, “One caste, one religion, one God.”
  • Sahodaran Ayyappan’ (Pulaya Ayyappan), a social reformer from Kerala coined a rejoinder ‘No Caste, No Religion, No God for Mankind.
  • Aravipuram Movement’ was launched by Narayana Guru. He defied the religious restrictions traditionally placed on the Ezhava community and consecrated an idol of Shiva at Aravipuram.
  • He was a follower of Advaitha philosophy.
  • He translated Tamil works like “Thirukkural” into Malayalam.
  • He had written number of hymns to different gods and some of the notable ones are “Atmopadesa Sathakam” and “Darsanamala”.
  • He lent his support to the ‘Vaikkom Satyagraha’. Mahatma Gandhi met him during this time.
  • Sivagiri pilgrimage’ was conceived by three of the disciples, Vallabhasseri Govindan Vaidyar, T. K. Kittan and Muloor S. Padmanabha Panicker.