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What is the Yo-Yo test | PM inquires about Yo-Yo test

In his interaction with fitness experts and influencers the PM asked about the yo-yo test, that is a vital part of the Indian cricket team’s fitness routine.

Yo-Yo test

  • The test was developed by Danish football physiologist Jens Bangsbo.
  • Two cones are placed 20 metres apart, and the athlete has to run between them when the beep goes off.
  • The beeps become more frequent after one minute, and if the athlete fails to reach the line within that time, he is expected to catch up within two more beeps.
  • The test is stopped if the player fails to catch up before the beeps run out.
  • The test has a beginner and an advanced level, and players are given scores. The minimum score set by the Board of Control for Cricket in India to pass the test is 16.1.