William Jones

William Jones

Contributions of William Jones:

  1. Establishing the link with European Languages: William Jones who was appointed judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William. In the next couple of years, Jones established himself as an authority on ancient Indian language and culture, a field of study that was hitherto untouched. His obsession with the linguistic past of the subcontinent led him to propose that there existed an intimate relationship between Sanskrit and languages spoken in Europe. He is also credited for establishing the Asiatic Society of Bengal in the year 1784.

    2. Contributions towards languages: Jones’ was the first to suggest that Sanskrit, Greek and Latin languages had a common root and that indeed they may all be further related, in turn, to Gothic and the Celtic languages, as well as to Persian. He also suggested that Sanskrit ‘was introduced to India by conquerors from other kingdoms in some very remote age’ displacing ‘the pure Hindi’ of north IndiaHis claim rested on the evidence of several Sanskrit words that had similarities with Greek and Latin.

Q) Elucidate the contributions of William jones to Indian linguistic studies.

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