Training Events & Military Exercises

Indo – Oman Joint Military Exercise: Second edition of ‘AL NAGAH’, the joint exercise between the Indian and Oman Armies was held at Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh from 06 – 19 March 17. Both armies shared valuable combat expertise on countering terrorist operations in an international environment.

Indo – Nepal Joint Military Exercise: ‘SURYA KIRAN – XI’ was held from 07–20 March 17 at Pithoragarh. Eleventh such battalion level exercise between the two countries aimed at training of troops in counter insurgency operations in mountainous terrain.

Indo – Mongolian Joint Military Exercise: Twelfth edition of Indo – Mongolian Joint Military Exercise ‘NOMADIC ELEPHANT’ was held at Vairengte from 05 – 18 April 2017. The exercise was aimed at training the troops in counter insurgency & counter terrorism operations under the United Nations mandate.

Indo – Nepal Joint Military Exercise: ‘SURYA KIRAN – XII’ was conducted in Rupandehi, Nepal from 03 – 17 September 17. The battalion level exercise focused on counter terrorism operations in mountainous terrain.

Indo – US Joint Military Exercise: As part of the ongoing Indo-US defence cooperation, a joint military training, Exercise ‘YUDH ABHYAS – 2017’ was conducted at Joint Base Lewis, McChord, Washington, USA from 14 – 27 September 17.The theme of the exercise was to build and develop military relations and inter-operability for conducting counter terrorism, regional security operations and peace keeping operations under UN Charter.

Indo – Sri Lanka Joint Military Exercise: The fifth Indo-Sri Lanka Joint Training Exercise ‘MITRA SHAKTI 2017’ was conducted at Aundh Military Station, Pune from 13- 26 October 2017. The exercise focused on counter terrorism operations in semi urban terrain.

Indo – Russia Joint Tri Service Exercise: First ever tri service exercise ‘INDRA’ between India & Russia was conducted in Vladivostok, Russia from 19 – 29 October 2017. The 11 day exercise was conducted in 249th Combined Army Range, Sergeevisky and in the Sea of Japan near Vladivostok.

Indo – Kazakhstan Joint Military Exercise: A fourteen day joint training exercise ‘PRABAL DOSTYK – 2017’ between the Indian Army and the Kazakhstan Army was conducted at Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh from 02 – 15 November 17.

Indo-Bangladesh Joint Military Exercise: Indo-Bangladesh Exercise ‘SAMPRITI’ was conducted at CIJW School, Vairengte from 06-18 November 2017. It was aimed at carrying out operations against terrorists and insurgents on the lines of those in the J&K and NE.

Indo – UK Joint Military Exercise:  Indo – UK Exercise ‘AJEYA WARRIOR’ was conducted at Mahajan Field Firing Rangesin Bikaner, Rajasthan from 01 – 14 December 2017. The aim of the exercise was to build and promote bilateral relations and enhance interoperability while sharing experiences in counter terrorism and counter insurgency operations between the two countries.

Exercise ‘Pralay Sahayam’: The exercise was conceptualised as (HADR) exercise based on an urban flooding scenario in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. The Exercise synergised the efforts of all stakeholders (Army/Navy/Air Forces / NDRF / civil administration / CAPFs / other civil agencies) to assess the effectiveness of the plans, organisational skills and decision support system at each stage of the flood relief effort.

OTA Chennai Trains Afghan Lady Officers: As part of first military training being imparted by Indian Army to women officers from abroad, women officers of Afghan Army and Airforce were trained on basic military aspects including physical, weapon training, tactics, communication skills and leadership at OTA, Chennai from 04 – 24 December2017.


Major Exercises

Ex Taiyaar-17:  Ex Taiyaar 17 was conducted in Jan 17. The exercise is an annual feature which allows the Naval Commands to fully prepare and exercise transition from a state of peace to one of hostilities and address any shortcomings that may be encountered. Various facets that were exercised included Op logistics, action stripping, Mine & War watching organisation, deployments by Fast Intercepter Crafts (FICs), acceleration of Refit etc.

TROPEX-17:  A Theatre Level Operational Exercise – TROPEX 17, was conducted on the Western Seaboard in Jan-Feb 17. Extensive participation of Army, Air force and the Coast Guard, including Marine Commandos (MARCOS) and Para Special Force (SF) was the highlight of this year’s exercise.

Joint Amphibious Workup:  Joint amphibious workup by IN and Indian Army was conducted from 19 – 31 Mar 17 off Karwar.

Exercise PARIKSHAN: Western Naval Command conducted operational level Table Top Tri-Service wargame titled ‘Exercise PARIKSHAN’ from 07-09 Aug 17. Representatives from Naval Headquarters, and operational commands of the Army and Air Force in the region also participated in the wargame.

DANX – 17:  The Joint Services Exercise ‘Defence of Andaman and Nicobar Exercise’ (DANX-17) was conducted in Andaman & Nicobar Command from 20-25 Nov 17. Exercises with Foreign Navies

Exercise MALABAR 2017:  The 21st edition of Ex Malabar was conducted at/ off the port of the East Coast of India from 09-17 Jul 17. IN, US Navy and the Japan Maritime Self – Defence Force (JMSDF) participated in the exercise. The primary objective of the exercise was to enhance maritime cooperation and interoperability amongst the participating navies.

VARUNA 17: The Western Fleet ships participated in bilateral exercise VARUNA 17 with French Navy in Apr 17 off Toulon, France. INS Trishul, Mumbai and Aditya along with integral helicopters, participated in the Exercise.

KONKAN 17: INS Tarkash participated in bilateral Exercise Konkan 17 with Royal Navyin May 17 off UK.

Exercise SIMBEX: Ex – SIMBEX, the annual bilateral exercise with Republic of Singapore Navy was conducted at Singapore from 12 – 21 May 17.

Exercise Indra 2017: Indo-Russia Joint Tri-Services Exercise INDRA-17 was conducted off Vladivostok, Russian Federation from 19-29 Oct 17. This was the first ever Tri-Services bilateral military exercise between the two countries. The Naval Operations of exercise were conducted off Vladivostok in the Sea of Japan (Peter the Great Bay). The amphibious operations were conducted at Cape Klerk, about 30 nm SW of Vladivostok. The exercise was conducted in the following Phases:-

(a)              Harbour Phase     –        19-24 Oct 17 at Vladivostok

(b)             Sea Phase             –        25-28 Oct 17 off Vladivostok/ Cape Klerk

AUSINDEX 2017: The second edition of biennial Australia-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise (AUSINDEX) was conducted at/ off Fremantle, Australia. The exercise was conducted from 13-19 Jun 17.

SLINEX 17: The Eastern Naval Command hosted Sri Lanka-India Naval Exercise, SLINEX 17, from 07-14 Sep 17.

Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS): The IONS presently has 23 member countries with 09 countries being given observer status. Bangladesh is the current ‘Chair’ of IONS. The construct has become an important Maritime construct to promote maritime cooperation amongst the member countries. Accordingly, during the Conclave of Chiefs, held in Dhaka in Jan 16, among many important issues discussed, it was decided to conduct the IONS Multilateral Maritime Search and Rescue Exercise (IMMSAREX) in Bangladesh in Nov 2017. The IMMSAREX was conducted at Cox Bazar, Bangladesh from 26 to 29 Nov 17.

Commissioning and Decommissioning

Commissioning of INS Kiltan: INS Kiltan, the third ship of Project-28 Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) Corvette was commissioned by the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri on 16 Oct 17.

Commissioning of INS Tillanchang and INS Tarasa: The third and fourth ships (Tillanchang and Tarasa) of the four Follow On Waterjet Fast Attack Craft Project were Commissioned on 09 Mar  and 26 Sep 17 at Karwar and Mumbai respectively.

Commissioning of INS Kalvari: The first submarine of P-75, Kalvari, is scheduled for commissioning on 14 Dec 17.

Decommissioning:  The Navy bid adieu to the aircraft carrier, INS Viraat, after an illustrious service of 30 years in the Indian Navy on 06 Mar 17. Indian Naval ships Agray, Matanga, Karwar, Kakinada and submarine Sindhurakshak were also de-commissioned in 2017.



Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas): In consonance with the ‘Make in India’ campaign launched by the Prime Minister, the first Squadron of Tejas, an advanced multirole aircraft with state-of-art avionics was formed on 01 Jul 16. This year the aircraft participated in the Republic Day Flypast, Aero India and in the AF Day flypast.

Su-30 MKI: Induction of Su-30 MKI aircraft in the IAF is under progress. The current lot of Su-30 MKI aircraft are being manufactured in HAL through Transfer of Technology. Advanced indigenous weapons like ‘BrahMos’ supersonic cruise missile and ‘Astra’ Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile has been indigenously integrated and fired from aircraft.

Rafale: Inter Governmental Agreement (IGA) was signed with the Govt. of France for procurement of 36 Rafale aircraft on 23 Sep 16. The squadrons are expected to form by 2022.

Hercules C-130J-30: IAF has inducted additional six C-130J all-weather transport aircraft which is designed for Special Operations. The aircraft was instrumental in the operations against ANEs at AF Station Pathankot and deployment of para military troops in Srinagar.

Mi-17 V5 Helicopters: IAF has been operating Mi-17 V5 and case for procurement of additional helicopters is in progress. The helicopter is being exploited for various civil and military operations such as transportation, paratrooper induction, search & rescue, medical evacuation and fire fighting in all weather conditions.

Defence Co-operation with Foreign Countries

Ex SIAM BHARAT-2017: A Command Post Exercise (CPX) was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 22 -26 May 17. 11 member IAF team participated in the exercise.

Russia: Tri Service Exercise INDRA-2017: Ex lndra-17 was held in Russia from 19-29 Oct 17. HQ IDS was the steering agency for Ex Indra-17.

Ex Blue Flag-2017 (OUT): IAF participated in a multilateral exercise, Blue Flag-2017 at Uvda and Nevatim AFB, Israel from 05-16 Nov 17..

Joint Military Training (JMT-17): Joint Military Training (JMT-17) with Republic of Singapore AirForce was held at AFStn Kalaikunda from 29 Oct 17 as part of Bilateral agreement with RSAF.

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